Four Electronic Gadgets To Make A Student’s Life Easier

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Four Electronic Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier

Life as a student is not easy, we bring you four devices that can be used to make your life easier.

Here are these four devices:

1. reMarkable

Paper is the ultimate tool for thinking; it lets your mind run and focus your thought at the same time. In 2013, Magnus Wanberg the CEO and founder of reMarkable, along with his team created a tablet that enables a person to write, sketch, and read. reMarkable gives a student a paper like experience in a digital tool. Gone are the days when students attended classes armed with books. The reMarkable tablet comes with its own specialized marker. This tablet replaces your notebooks, sketchbooks and any other need where a paper is used. It enables a person to not only store it online but also share their works. reMarkable does not support web surfing, emails or social media to enable a student to focus on his work at hand.

2. PUP


PUP, the world’s fastest pocket scanner allows a person to scan documents, notes and sketches. A student does not need to worry about losing or carrying notes anymore. Renaud Pelissier and his team created a lightweight and handy scanner that delivers crisp and clear images. Connected to WiFi, with a single click the device stores the scanned images to your mail, Dropbox, drive or any destination on the internet that you select. Paper dimensions are no longer a concern as the device can scan any paper format up to A3.



Isn’t it an issue to carry a load of books to the school when you can just take a single book instead. The team in Rocketbook created the Everlast notebook that can be reused multiple times. The Everlast notebook feels just like any other book but is endlessly reusable and completely integrated with the digital lifestyle. The papers are made of polyester composite enabling the user to erase everything with a moist cloth. At the bottom of each page, there are various options to mark where the specific page needs to be stored. Scanning the pages with Rocketbook application directly stores it in the desired destination.

4. Muzo


Imagine trying to study for exams that are right around the corner and relatives suddenly come over. It gets noisy and you tend to lose focus on the task at hand. The team at Celestial Tribe created Muzo, a noise cancellation device. Muzo is an acoustic device that uses a 10 watt Billionsound Technology (BST) Exciter to generate dynamic realistic sounds. At the press of a button, Muzo lets you experience your personal zone of comfort as its vivid sounds neutralize the intrusive noises. Muzo includes various features like anti vibration, scene creation, sleep analysis and sound field.