Abusive Children Can Be Evicted From Home: Delhi High Court

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The Indian Society, from ages, has been keen on providing protection to the elderly parents. The diminishing joint families and increasing nuclear families have increased the problems faced by the elderly. This has led to emotional and physical torture and to put an end to this, the Government has taken several steps like issuing laws such as the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 (MWPSCA.) This will permit the parents to evict abusive adult children who torment parents while living in their home.

The Delhi High Court said that the home they reside in, need not be self acquired or possessed by the parents. If the house in legally under a parent’s name, they can evict their abusive daughters or sons from the property. Justice Manmohan, heading a bench on this said, that this law was so as to protect the parents and ensure their peace. Senior citizens hence can now issue an eviction order to adult sons and daughters. This order also allows senior citizens living in rented homes.

The High Court ordered the Delhi government of the National Capital Territory to formulate and amend its rules which have been framed under Section 32 and Section 22(2) of the act in accordance with the judgement.


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