Boss Takes Employees on 14.5 Million Dollar Vacation

Chinese firm sends 6,400 employees on tour
Chinese firm sends 6,400 employees on tour
“Tiens” CEO Li Jinyuan

The Chinese conglomerate Tiens is celebrating its 20th birthday and its employees are the luckiest in the world. They are now the biggest tour group to visit France ever. They even received a VIP welcome when they southern resort town of Nice. Confused? go through the story below.

Going into the details, Chinese conglomerate Tiens operates mostly in tourism, trade and cosmetics among other sectors. Luckily for its employees, the management planned a grand 20th anniversary of the comapany. As a result all the employees were offered free paid vaction to France by the company boss.

A Chinese multinational company has given 6400 of its employees the gift of a lifetime: a free four-day trip to France and Monaco.
Best Boss Ever? Takes 6,400 Employees on All-Paid Holiday to #France

According to the reports, The whole adventure began back in December when Atout France got wind that the Tiens boss group Li Jinyuan wanted to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary in style. .

Christian Mantel, head of the French tourism development agency Atout France said the authorities were pulling out all the stops to accommodate the wishes of the group, who are paying 13 million euros ($14.5 million) for the 5-13 May visit.

The point to observe is that the above mentioned figure was released without including the employees shopping budget. Just think for once, what would be the budget once the shopping expenditure was included. No words. I am finally relived to know thay there some good hearted bosses around the globe who know the true meanig of vacation.