Telangana Government Announces Free Sand Initiative for Villagers

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Hyderabad: In a landmark decision aimed at easing the burden on rural communities, the Telangana State government has announced a groundbreaking initiative to provide free sand at villages across the state.

This move, spearheaded by the mining department, marks a significant step towards ensuring accessibility to a crucial resource for personal and construction purposes.

The decision, passed by Behar Mahesh Dutt, the principal secretary of the mining department, comes as a response to mounting complaints regarding seigniorage collection. The scheme aims to streamline the distribution of sand in adherence to the Telangana Sand Policy-2015.

Under the newly enacted policy, villagers are now permitted to draw sand from rivulets and local water bodies at no cost, exclusively for personal usage and government construction projects.

This initiative is poised to alleviate the financial strain on rural households, particularly those engaged in small-scale construction activities.

However, it’s important to note that certain regions, such as Nalgonda, where ‘Sand Taxi’ services are available, are exempt from the scheme.